MeetUs is a single page web-app clone of as of June 2018. The site is a social meeting platform where users can create groups and events to share their interest with people with same interests.

The MeetUs app was designed and built from scratch in 10 days. The proposal was prepared to implement MVPs to get site functional. More details about proposal can be viewed here. Live!

Technologies Used


  • This full stack project employs express for implementing back-end.
  • Databases are managed by mongoDB and is stored online using mLabs cloud storage.
  • The backend is implemented to provide RESTful APIs and handle and respond with JSON data.


  • The front end and UI are implemented using React/Redux and JavaScript.
  • Using react allows the state of the project to be normalized to reflect database and hence making the flow of one-page application smooth.
  • The back-end uses SQL queries for filtering data and front end uses VanillaDOM manipulation.
  • The webpage designing was done using css and scss and icons were used from
  • Babel was used for transpiling JSX into JavaScript.

More Technologies used:

  • Jbuilder
  • NodeJs
  • AJAX
  • npm(Node package manager)
  • webpack
  • React DOM
  • React Router
  • React History to manipulate the browser history.
  • Cloudinary API for uploading/storing images (Trials also performed with AWS and paperclip)