About Myself

Other than being an awesome software engineer, I am also a son, friend and boyfriend. I love pets, proud dad of a cat named Milo - on the right. Here are some more pictures of him. I also love to cook and bake, here are some pictures of some of the successful ones. I absolutely love indoor plants, trust me, keeping about five dozen different houseplants alive is no joke 😅. And of course love working on challenging new projects. Got an interesting project to work on or want to hire me? Get in touch.

  • August 2021 to present         

    Box Inc

    Software Engineer
    San Francisco, California, US

  • November 2018 to August 2021


    Software Engineer
    San Francisco, California, US

  • June 2018 to November 2018

    App Academy

    Software development instructor
    San Francisco, California, US

  • December 2017 to June 2018

    Learning and fun

    Self teaching to code and lots of cooking/baking :)
    Santa Clara, California, US

  • August 2015 to December 2017

    San Jose State University

    Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
    San Jose, California, US

  • June 2011 to August 2015

    Government Engineering College, Surat

    Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering
    Surat, Gujarat, India

It takes a lot more than coding.

As much as I love coding, I enjoy as much exploring technologies of all kind that a great app would need. Too many to explain here but here are some highlights.

AWS & other cloud tech

Playing with terraform or cli, or just on console, I have it covered. Deploying from kube, ECS, EC2 or anything else, not a problem. From simple mySQL tables to noSQL or neptune graph db, I got it.


An app just built and shipped is not worth anything until we observe how its performing. No matter if Im using New Relic or adobe analysis or mixPanel, Ill make sure to get those reports straight. All that combined with insights on google search console, together, we will leave no stone unturned in making sure our app performs to the fullest.


Building a page does not matter unless there are visits, and hence SEO matters. You might not see meta data or structured data on UI, but they play an important role in improving SEO for a page and hence bring page more visitors from search platforms.